Saturday, September 16, 2017

Espros Keeps Improving its ToF Sensors

Espros September 2017 Newsletter updates on the company progress with its ToF solutions:

"A real breakthrough was achieved in the field of camera calibration. Our initial goal was to simply find the optimum procedure to calibrate a DME660 camera. The result however is a revolutionary finding, that not only includes the compensation algorithm but also a simple desktop hardware for distance calibration.

No need any more for large target screens and moving stages! Simply put your camera in a shoebox sized flat field setup and calibrate the full distance range with help of the on-chip DLL stage. Done!

"You won't recognize our epc660 flagship QVGA imager in version 007! Improved ADC performance, 28% higher sensitivity, as well as low distance response non-uniformity (DRNU) of a few centimeters only (uncalibrated). We took 3 rounds (versions 004-006) in the fab transfer process and did not let go before we got it right."

The company also presents a preliminary data on its ToFCam 635 module:

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