Saturday, September 23, 2017

TechInsights Unveils iPhone 8 Plus Camera Surprises

TechInsights was quick to unveil few finding from iPhone 8+ reverse engineering:

The dual rear camera uses 1.22um pixel size in 12MP wide angle sensor and 1.0um pixel is 12MP tele sensor. The 7MP front camera has 1.0um pixel size.

"The dual camera module size is 21.0 mm x 10.6 mm x 6.3 mm thick. Based on our initial X-rays it appears the wide-angle camera uses optical image stabilization (OIS), while the telephoto camera does not (the same configuration as iPhone 7 Plus).

The wide-angle Sony CIS has a die size of 6.29 mm x 5.21 mm (32.8 mm2). This compares to a 32.3 mm2 die size for iPhone 7’s wide-angle CIS.

We do note a new Phase Pixel pattern, but the big news is the absence of surface artifacts corresponding to the through silicon via (TSV) arrays we’ve seen for a few years. A superficial review of the die photo would suggest it’s a regular back-illuminated (BSI) chip. However, we’ve confirmed it’s a stacked (Exmor RS) chip which means hybrid bonding is in use for the first time in an Apple camera!


  1. The lack of dual OIS is not a surprise. Apple specifically called out the inclusion of dual OIS in the iPhone X. Thereby indicating its absence in the 8.

  2. I thought Apple said the camera sensors were larger?

  3. A number of Sites have speculated that Largan Precision made the rear camera module, this is the only stock sensor that they have that is close to 12MP: - no suggestion (from me) that a stock module was used.

    The Sony RS Sensor with the same pixel pitch, width (and greater height) is the 'old' IMX398. It's 4608 x 3456 (16 MP), which does support "Unknown's" comment above, but there's no requirement that the sensor be only 12MP; they can crop it.

    There's a new Webpage up at Techinsights called "10 Years of iPhone Cameras" (but not yet updated with this year's iPhones): .

  4. Does it have a Bayer Color Filter Array? Looks different to me.

    1. Personally thinking, it's similar to Q65 color filter array that is implenmented on Sony's broadcasting camera, F65. See at the edge of pixel array, black pattern has circular pattern surrounding u-lens. How is it?

  5. Why there is not enough information about the sensors specs of iPhones.
    Does anyone know the exact model of the sensor in iPhone 8?


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