Sunday, September 10, 2017

Inuitive Introduces NU4000 3D Vision Processor

PRNewswire: Inuitive introduces the NU4000, a multi-core vision processor that supports 3D Imaging, Deep Learning and Computer Vision processing for AR and VR, Drones, Robots and other applications. This next generation processor enables high quality depth sensing, "On-chip SLAM," Computer Vision and Deep Learning (CNN) capabilities.

NU4000 provides computing power exceeding a total of 8 Terra OPS, said to be the most powerful vision processor available:
  • 3 Vector Cores that provide 500 Giga OPS
  • A dedicated CNN processor that exceeds 2 Terra OPS enabling deep neural networks such as VGG16 reaching 40 frames (ROIs) per second at 10 times less power of the equivalent GPU, DSP or FPGA implementations
  • 3 Powerful CPU Cores that provide more than 13,000 CoreMark
  • Depth processing engine that delivers a throughput of 120Mp/s and supports multiple simultaneous streams of stereo and structured light
  • SLAM engine enabling accurate key point extraction at 120fps from 2 cameras simultaneously
  • Advanced Time-Warp HW engine that reduces the Motion-to-Photon latency to 1msec for extensive VR and MR use cases
  • More than 3MB of on-chip SLAM servicing the vision cores
  • High throughput LPDDR4 interface that reduce external memory access bottlenecks
  • Connects to 6 cameras and 2 displays
  • Chip area 7 x 8mm2 in 12nm process

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  1. Now you just need someone to write the non reusable code for a proprietary platform which you have no clue will be around in a year.


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