Saturday, November 19, 2005

Electronic Still Image Stabilization in a Camera-Phone

NTT DoCoMo launches a 2MP camera phone that corrects camera shake blur (source: Tech-On). What's unique in it is that it does this with no moving parts at all. The camera shoots 4 frames in a fast succession, then detects the movement shift between them, shifts them back and adds. The end result is supposed to be shake-free. This new FOMA N902i phone is manufactured by NEC.
So far the electronic still image stabilizer has been used only by Sony in $5000 Qualia. It is also 2MP camera and also four frames are added.
While Sony and NEC might have developed it in-house, the stabilizer implementation looks very similar to one by Morpho, Inc.
Let's see if digital camera and camera-phone makers can move it into the mainstream.

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