Thursday, May 18, 2006

Micron Announced Fast 8MP Sensor

Yahoo!: Micron announced 8MP sensor "that enables pocket-sized cameras and cell phones to capture bursts of 10 high-quality photos in a single second or even high-definition video."

"Micron's new sensor includes a faster processor that eliminates usual point-and-shoot delays between taking pictures. That means users can shoot up to 10 images per second at 8-megapixel resolution or 30 frames per second at a resolution of 2-megapixels."

Following last month's Sony fast sensor announcement, Micron too said: "The sensor's rapid capture rate and high resolution also allows smaller cameras to incorporate features such as image stabilization."

No word on pixel or sensor size, but with imminent introduction of 1.75um pixel generation one can safely assume the new sensor uses this latest generation of pixels.

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