Monday, May 22, 2006

Omnivision Lost to Micron

EETimes Water Cooler wrote a month ago:

"April 21, 2006

Razor image

Rumors are running rampant that OmniVision lost some CMOS image sensor business at Motorola, notably a socket within the popular Razr line of cellular phones. American Technology Research CEO, Richard Prati, has “two industry sources that are confident that OminVision will receive no volume for the Razr,” according to a report from the research firm.

OmniVision’s response? “We don't comment on specific models, but our ultra thin VGA will be ramping during our July quarter. Additionally, we continue to have strong relationships with all of the top 6 handset makers,” according to a spokesman for OmniVision.

At Moto, Micron has apparently taken the business away from OmniVision. But OmniVision still thinks that they some won VGA business, according to the research firm.

Micron dominates the Moto account for CMOS image sensors. “Micron has massive 75-80 percent market share at Motorola and OmniVision has 15-20 percent market share,” according to American Technology Research.

“It is our view that regardless if OmniVision will have volume in Razr, image sensor demand is sufficient that OmniVison capacity will be absorbed, and will not experience substantial inventory build,” according to the firm. “Even if it is true that OmniVison is not selling into Razr, OmniVision could shave off 2-3 million units and it could be offset with the Nokia ramp.”

One of OmniVision's biggest customers for CMOS image sensors is Nokia, it was noted.

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