Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sarnoff Offers BSI Process Services

Sarnoff offers backside illumination (BSI) wafer process services. Called Ultra-Sense, the process is based on customized ultra-thin silicon-on-insulator (UTSOI) wafers and claimed to be low-cost, scalable solution to produce BSI CCD and CMOS image sensors enabling higher resolution, smaller pixel size, higher QE and improved system performance. The scope of possible application covers industrial, medical, camera-phones, DSCs, webcams and more.

The work flow starts with help and consulting in pixel design. Then Sarnoff provides its own application-optimized SOI wafers which could be processed by any 8" fab. Then the backend processing stage follows, including backside thinning, color filters, microlens and AR coating formation. It's not clear who performs this stage. However, Sarnoff is known to provide custom foundry process and back-thinning services.

Sarnoff presents its BSI solution on SEMICON West 2008, July 15 - 17, as Yahoo reports.

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