Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Rockchip Prepares Visual Processing Solution

One of the largest Chinese application processor manufacturers Rockchip presents the soon-to-be-announced RV1108 vision and image processing SoC demos: "The comparison of drive test results verifies the great image processing performance between Rockchip visual processing solution RV1108 and other solution. The car DVR, based on RV1108, shows the excellent image quality in day shot, night shot and backlighted shot as well as the superior sharpness, hence highlighting the outstanding advantages of WDR of RV1108 image processing."

WDR demo
Sharpness demo
Low light demo

Reportedly, Rockchip RV1108 Visual SoC uses CEVA-XM4 vision co-processor inside.

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  1. How can this be an example of HDR/WDR when this video is not even a HDR scene? It's a very low DR scene. Not impressed with image quality or low light capabilities either.


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