Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sony Announces World's Smallest 1.06MP Camera Module

Sony announces the IU233N2-Z (color) and IU233N5-Z (monochrome) camera modules for wearable and small mobile device market. Sony says the are the world's smallest 1MP camera modules, as of Nov. 2016. The module size is 2.6 mm (W) × 3.3 mm (D) × 2.32 mm (H) while its image sensor size is 2 mm × 2 mm and the super-small low-profile lens head size is 2.6 mm × 2.6 mm. This module is also equipped with a low power consumption mode that reduces power consumption by approximately 10 % to 60 % compared to existing image sensors with an equivalent number of pixels for mobile applications.

The IU233N2-Z and IU233N5-Z will help to reduce the size and weight of mobile devices such as head-mounted displays and smart watches, and to develop new markets such as IoT and drones. The head part alone weighs just 0.02 g and the weight including the flexible printed circuit board is 0.1 g or less. The power consumption during all-pixel output (1.06M-pixel) is approximately 55 mW at 60fps, 22 mW at 15fps, and 8 mW at 3fps.

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