Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Huawei Demos Fingerprint Sensor Under LCD Display

Gizmochina: Huawei presents a prototype of IR camera-based fingerprint sensor under LCD display. Most of other under-display sensors work with OLED displays. The demo posted on Twitter says:

"This is an LCD screen fingerprint technology based on the infrared camera solution, which can basically ignore the LCD panel type and unlock the speed for 300ms."


  1. While this may be interesting technology, it raises concerns. If fingerprint readers are invisible, what about surfaces that the user doesn't know are readers? Imaging a government-run ATM or transit system kiosk that reads your fingerprints from the touch screen. The potential for clandestine uses is terrifying.

  2. your identify is already verified when using an ATM lol

    1. the point was: you should give consensus to collect your fingerprints. If you don't know where a reader is, your identity might be easily stolen. And you can't easily change your fingerprints as you do with a PIN.


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