Thursday, August 08, 2019

Samsung 108MP Sensor to Feature in Xiaomi Smartphone

NextWeb, DPReview: At a briefing in China, Xiaomi announces it is to become the first manufacturer to use Samsung’s new 108MP ISOCELL sensor. The maximum resolution of that sensor will be 12,032 x 9,024 pixels:

Thanks to TS for the pointer!


  1. Wow... it's basically a 1" sensor. I wonder what lens you're going to use on that beast... reminds me of a decade ago when there were like 20MP sensors with lenses sticking out about an inch from the back of the phone.

    1. Pretty big... however, the upcoming Mate 30 pro will have an even bigger primary sensor (1/1.55) and the secondary wide-angle will be the size of this 1/1.7 sensor:

    2. 1/1"=1" which is significantly bigger than 1/1.7"=0.59" Mate 30 Pro.

  2. Nokia had a 1" sensor years ago, and there were lenses that worked with it. I'm sure they've improved designs and lower profile packaging techniques by now.

  3. Samsung officially announced this sensor and shared some details. Maybe you should make a new post for this sensor.


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