Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Labforge releases new 20.5T ops/s AI machine vision camera

Labforge has designed and developed a smart camera called Bottlenose which supports 20.5 trillion operations/second processing power and on-board AI, depth, feature points & matching, and a powerful ISP. The target audience is robotics and automation. They have built the camera around a Toshiba Visconti-5 processor. The current models are available as both stereo and monocular versions with IMX577 Sony image sensors. For future models there will be a range of resolutions and shutter options available. 


  1. does anyone know which processor this camera is using?

  2. This is using the Toshiba Visconti-5 processor. Same processor is used by Toyota and DENSO in their driver assistance cameras.

  3. Why would anyone choose a rolling shutter for a robotics application?

    1. Rolling shutter sensors generally have higher dynamic range, better quantum efficiency, and resolutions. This can be great for robotics and automation in uncontrolled lighting applications. For example, a fruit picking robot would be better at identifying strawberries, a sidewalk delivery robot would be better at navigating with long-range capability, and a warehouse robot with mixed indoor/outdoor use case would also be better at avoiding obstacles. Some applications in food processing also just want good color reproduction of product for controlling ovens in a feedback loop.

      This particular camera will also be able to output accurate row timing. If the timing of each row is known, then it is possible to use it for visual SLAM as well. This is of course an active area of academic research.

      Many applications will still need global shutter and those models will be released next!

  4. Is the sensor available without a Bayer filter array? If so, is it known if this device will be available in monochrome format?

  5. The Sony IMX577, to the best of our knowledge, is not available without the Bayer filter array. However, we do have more devices on the roadmap with varying image sensor choices. Is your preference a monochrome rolling shutter or global shutter and at what resolution?


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