Friday, July 22, 2022

Prophesee interview in EETimes

EETimes has published an interview with CEO of Prophesee about their event sensor technology. Some excerpts below.

Prophesee collaborated with Sony on creating the IMX636 event sensor chip.


Meaning of "neuromorphic"

Most companies doing neuromorphic sensing and computing have a similar vision in mind, but implementations and strategies will be different based on varying product, market, and investment constraints. ...

... there is a fundamental belief that the biological model has superior characteristics compared to the conventional ...

Markets targeted

... the sector closest to commercial adoption of this technology is industrial machine vision. ...

The second key market for the IMX 636 is consumer technologies, ... the event–based camera is used alongside a full–frame camera, detecting motion ... correct any blur.

Prophesee is also working with a customer on automotive driver monitoring solutions... Applications here include eye blinking detection, tracking or face tracking, and micro–expression detection. 

Commercialization strategy

The company recently released a new evaluation kit (EVK4) for the IMX 636. Metavision (simulator) SDK for event–based vision has also recently been open–sourced ...


Future Directions

Prophesee plans to continue development of both hardware and software, alongside new evaluation kits, development kits, and reference designs.

Two future directions... 

further reduction of pixel size (pixel pitch) and overall reduction of the sensor to make it suitable for compact consumer applications such as wearables. 

... facilitating the integration of event–based sensing with conventional SoC platforms.

“The closer you get to the acquisition of the information, the better off you are in terms of efficiency and low latency. You also avoid the need to encode and transmit the data. So this is something that we are pursuing.”

“The ultimate goal of neuromorphic technology is to have both the sensing and processing neuromorphic or event–based, but we are not yet there in terms of maturity of this type of solution,”

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