Ecosystem Companies

The companies in this list are not image sensor design or production. Rather, they just connected to image sensors in one way or another. This list is grossly incomplete. Please send me an email to include more companies.

ActLight - Switzerland-based IP company promoting Dynamic PD (DPD)
Anteryon - Wafer level optics
Apical - ISP SW IP
aSpect Systems - image sensor and camera testing solutions
Cambridge Analog Technologies - ADC IP for image sensors
Cambridge Mechatronics - image stabilization for camera phone modules
Cap-XX - caps for LED flash
CogniVue - Image Cognition Processors for automotive and video monitoring
Copal - AF VCMs
DxO Labs - IP and software for image processing
DxOMark Image Labs - cameras and lens comparisons
e-con Systems - India-based camera module and drivers vendor
e-Vision Optics - liquid crystal based lens for AF, OIS, beam splitting, etc.
Evoluce - Software for gesture-based Windows 7 control
eyeSight - Gesture recognition on regular 2D camera, partners with Ceva
Eyenix - ISP vendor, based in Korea
Flashscan3D - 3D fingerprint scanner
Gamma Scientific - Light sources for testing
GestureTek - Gesture recognition software for 3D cameras. The gesture part of its business acquired by Qualcomm in Sept. 2011
Helion Vision
Heptagon Optics - Wafer level optics
Holtek - Taiwan-based vendor of CCD/CIS video signal processors
IDENT Technology - 3D gesture recognition based on electric field sensor
Image Algorithmics - Universal demosaicing algorithm, new CFA approaches
irZoom - IR zoom lenses
Image Engineering - Pixel IQ Simulator, LED Panel to measure shutter speed, and other useful tools.
ImageEval Consulting
Immedia Semiconductor - based in Boston, MA, makes advanced noise reduction ISPs
LeanXcam - open source Linux camera project, supported by Super Computing Systems Vision
LensVector - LC AF lens
LinX Imaging - Multi-aperture camera for 3D, HDR, re-focussing, etc.
Live Technologies
Lytro, used to be Refocus Imaging
MegaChips - Osaka, Japan-based maker of image processors for cameras (Pixessors)
Mixel - MIPI IP provider
Morpho - ISP SW IP
Mtekvision - Korea-based multimedia processor vendor
MVTec - Germany based software vendor offering Halcon stereo camera to 3D conversion SW
New Scale Technologies - piezoelectric AF motor
Nippon Signal - laser ranging 3D depth mapping camera with MEMS mirror
Nocturnal Vision
Omek Interactive - 3D middleware for ToF and structured light sensors
Optilux, continues to develop liquid lens tech after Varioptic was acquired by Parrot
Optotune - manually and electrically tunable liquid-filled polymer lenses
OYO Electric - Light sources for testing
Pelican Imaging
PlusChip - Korea-based ISP and ISP IP vendor
poLight - Norway-based, wafer scale AF lens
Silicon Line - Munich, Germany-based, optical fiber link for MIPI D-PHY and M-PHY
Redshift - Thermal imaging by upconverting IR light into visible
Siimpel (acquired by Tessera)
Silicon Labs - ambient light sensor with gesture recognition option
Sofica Oy - Finland-based camera testing software startup, founded in 2009
Touchless Biometric Systems - 3D fingerprint scanners
TST Biometrics - 3D fingerprint scanners
VisionMOS - image sensor-based system design, partnering with Zoran for post-processing
Xiroku - 3D optical touch screen systems
X-Rite - Macbeth ColorChecker charts under the Munsell brand

ISP Companies:

DxO Labs Embedded Imaging
Immedia Semiconductor
nanoWatt - low power vision processor designer

Fast Camera Companies

NAC Image Technology - HX-1 delivers 5MP/2,000fps or 1080p/4,000fps (May 02, 2011)
Photron - Fastcam SA-5 delivers 1MP/7,500fps (July 2011)
Vision Research - the fastest is 4MP/1540fps (May 02, 2011)

Reverse Engineering Companies:

SystemPlus Consulting - Based in Nantes, France, cooperates with Yole Developpement
TechInsights (UBM Group)

3D Camera Companies using off-the-shelf sensors

Chronoptics - New Zealand-based ToF cameras using Softkinetic and PMD sensors
Duo3D - stereo camera
EPIX has a stereo camera Silicon Video 2KS
eyeSight - software-only for TI OMAP
Fotonic - ToF cameras maker, apparently based on Canesta sensors
Intel Labs RGB-D, OASIS, Bonfire
Inuitive - Raanana, Israel-based, structured light camera and depth image processor
Grix - Zurich, Switzerland based 3D imaging company. Founded in Jan. 2013.
Huajie IMI - China, structured light camera
InVision - Yokneam, Israel based company working with structured light 3D approach. Acquired by Intel.
Mantis Vision
Optex B.V. - based in Netherlands, ZC-1000 ToF Camera
Sightec - software-only
Photonis - makes very fast microchannel plate shutter, 200ps exposure, 120ps rise/fall time
Point Grey Bumblebee stereo environment
Primesense, acquired by Apple
SD Optics, Korea-based fast MEMS lens company
Scorpion Vision - stereo cameras based, owned by Tordivel, Norway
TYZX - stereo cameras, acquired by Intel
Vision Components (VC) - Germany-based maker of VC nano 3D laser scanning camera with um resolution
VRmagic - Germany-based laser scanning 3D camera with micron resolution for machine vision apps
XTR 3D - software-only for TI OMAP
ZRRO - 3D multitouch solutions

3D gesture recognition HW/SW vendors:

Elliptic Labs - Oslo, Norway-based, uses ultrasound to create 3D picture for gesture recognition.
Chirp Microsystems - UCB spin-off, ultrasound-based.
Omek Interactive - acquired by Intel in July 2013.
Pebbles Interfaces

EDA Tools

The big 3: Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor

Smaller guys:

Analog Rails
Asygn - mixed-signal simulator optimized for matricidal circuits, such as image sensors
Ciranova - Analog layout placement and optimization
Concept Engineering - SpiceVision netlist visualizer, useful when debugging IP blocks.
Crosslight - device and process simulator
Electric - free GNU-licensed CAD system from Static Free Software
Laker layout editor from Springsoft
Silvaco - device and process simulator
Scheme-it - Digi-Key's schematics sketcher with Web interface
Stabie Soft - layout editor. Integrates nicely with Dolphin tools.
Zeni EDA