Monday, February 04, 2013

2013 IISW Pre-registration Form is Posted and Open

2013 International Image Sensors Workshop pre-registration form posted and open.  Registration is limited to about 140 attendees on a first-come first-served basis (mostly). On the past workshops, the capacity was filled within few days, so hurry up.


  1. Sent my registration in first thing Monday. Wonder if we're supposed to get confirmation it was received?

  2. Yes, you will receive a confirmation.

  3. Just a note that it appears the IISW meeting is "full". In fact, it was probably full after about the first day. We are in the middle of paper review, having received about 110 or so abstracts. After we select papers and identify the presenters, we will be able to figure how many of the preregistrants we can accept and also make an ordered waitlist. Please note that the targeted participants in the workshop are active image sensor technologists and they will get priority over non-technologists. To the extent we can accept others we will. But the math is something like, say 100 papers accepted or presentation or posters, so 90-100 presenters, maybe another 20 committee members (some of which are presenters) and then after that we can look at non-presenters up to a total of 140 or so. We have about 65 non-presenters preregistered as of now.


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