Monday, February 25, 2013

Pelican Imaging Capabilities

Pelican Imaging updated its web site, logo, Technology page and published a new Youtube video:

Update: PRWeb: Pelican Imaging will be giving private demonstrations in Barcelona, February 25-28, 2013. Pelican Imaging’s camera is said to be 50% thinner than existing mobile cameras, and allows users to perform a range of selective focus and edits, both pre- and post-capture.

"Our technology is truly unique and radically different than the legacy approach. Our solution gives users a way to interact with their images and video in wholly new ways," said Pelican Imaging CEO and President Christopher Pickett. "We think users are going to be blown away by the freedom to refocus after the fact, focus on multiple subjects, segment objects, take linear depth measurements, apply filters, change backgrounds, and easily combine photos, from any device."


  1. nice video. Now it's time that Pelican shows a real live demo! That's still missing

  2. I wonder which camera this was made with. Either RED or Sony pro.
    Strange that VCs paying support such a waste of cash.

  3. This seems somewhat similar to the functionality released by poLight earlier.
    Are Pelican using poLight technology?


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