Friday, February 08, 2013

Himax Reports Q4 2012 Results

Himax CEO, Jordan Wu, talks about the state of image sensor business in Q4, 2012 and beyond:

"Our CMOS image sensors delivered a phenomenal growth during the fourth quarter of 2012, mainly due to numerous design-wins in smartphone, tablet, laptop and surveillance applications. We currently offer mainstream and entry-level sensor products with pixel counts of up to 5 mega and are on track to release a new 8 mega pixel product soon. However, the Q1 prospect for CMOS image sensor looks gloomy as China market is going through correction and many of the customers adopting our new sensor products are still finishing up their product tuning.

Notwithstanding the short-term downturn, we do expect the sales of this product line to surge in 2013, boosted by shipments of our new products, many of which were only launched in the second half of last year. We also expect to break into new and leading smartphone brands and further penetrate the tablet, IP Cam, surveillance and automotive application markets.

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