Friday, February 08, 2013

Eric Fossum Elected to The National Academy of Engineering

Dartmouth reports that its Professor of Engineering Eric Fossum has been elected to The National Academy of Engineering (NAE)—a part of the National Academies, which includes the NAE, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), the Institute of Medicine (IOM), and the National Research Council (NRC). The NAE cites Fossum’s principal engineering accomplishment to be "inventing and developing the CMOS active-pixel image sensor and camera-on-a-chip."

"It is truly an honor to be recognized at this level by my fellow engineers," says Fossum. "I am regularly astonished by the many ways the technology impacts people’s lives here on Earth through products that we didn’t even imagine when it was first invented for NASA. I look forward to continuing to teach and work with the students and faculty at Dartmouth to explore the next generation of image-capturing devices."

Fossum has published more than 250 technical papers and holds over 140 U.S. patents. He is a Fellow member of the IEEE and a Charter Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors. He has received the IBM Faculty Development Award, the National Science Foundation Presidential Young Investigator Award, and the JPL Lew Allen Award for Excellence.

"This is the highest honor the engineering community bestows," says Thayer School Dean Joseph Helble, "It recognizes Eric’s seminal contributions as an engineer, technology developer, and entrepreneur. His work has enabled microscale imaging in areas that were unimaginable even a few decades ago, and has led directly to the cellphone and smartphone cameras that are taken for granted. We are honored to have someone of his caliber to oversee our groundbreaking Ph.D. Innovation Program."

Congratulations, Eric!


  1. This man is great guy, but if he can have a little bit more modesty and be a little approachable, he woul be perfect! Anyway big bravo to him!

  2. Congratulations to Eric and all the people that every worked for him. It is important for our imaging community that our colleagues (sometimes competitors, I know) get elected, invited and involved in these kind of important organizations.

  3. Congratulations, Eric! Keep up the good work.

  4. Congrats, Dr. Fossum!

  5. Congratulations Eric. Seems like you would get more busy than before now.
    How do you find time for all this? :)

    You are a role model for imaging engineers.


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