Monday, February 25, 2013

Aptina Announces 1.1um and 1.4um Pixel TSMC-Manufactured Sensors

Business Wire: It's official now: Aptina uses TSMC 300mm wafer process. Aptina announces TSMC-manufactured 1080p/60fps video sensor with HDR capability. The 1/6-inch AR0261 features a 1.4um pixel and 4th generation MobileHDR technology. Additionally, gesture recognition and 3-D video capture are possible with AR0261. Accurate gesture recognition can be enabled by the fast frame rate, while Aptina’s 3-D technology synchronizes two AR0261 output data streams to work collaboratively for 3-D.

"Designers choosing the AR0261 will find new and exciting ways to enable users to interact with their favorite devices," said Aptina’s Roger Panicacci, VP of Product Development. "Gesture recognition, 3-D and HDR will open a whole new world of personal interaction with these devices."

The AR0261 is sampling now and will be in production by summer of 2013.

Business Wire: Aptina announces 12MP AR1230 and 13MP AR1330 mobile sensors featuring 1.1um pixels. Both sensors feature 4th generation MobileHDR technology which is said to increase DR as much as 24dB. The AR1230 captures 4K video at 30fps as well as 1080P video up to 96fps. The AR1330 provides electronic image stabilization support in 1080P mode while capturing video in both 4K and 4K Cinema formats at 30fps. Additionally, both sensors support advanced features like super slow motion video, new zoom methodologies, computational array imaging and 3D image capture.

"Built on Aptina’s smallest, and most advanced 1.1-micron pixel technology, the AR1230 and AR1330 image sensors provide the high resolution, impressive low-light sensitivity, and advanced features manufacturers of high end Smartphone are looking for," said Gennadiy Agranov, Pixel CTO and VP at Aptina. "These sensors are the first of a family of new, high quality 1.1-micron based products being sampled by our customers, and which Aptina will be delivering in the coming years."

The AR1230 is now in production and is available for mass production orders immediately. The TSMC-manufactured AR1330 is sampling now and will be in production by summer of 2013.

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