Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DigitalOptics Corporation Launches mems|cam

Business Wire: DOC announces the first members of its MEMS-AF enabled camera module family: three 8MP cameras based on Omnivision and Sony 1.4um pixel sensors:

DOC’s mems|cam modules are said to deliver industry leading AF speed. A fast settling time (typically less than 10 ms) combined with precise location awareness results from MEMS technology. DOC’s MEMS autofocus actuators operate on less than 1mW of power(roughly 1% of VCM), thereby extending battery life and reducing thermal load on the image sensor, lens, and adjacent critical components. Manufactured with semiconductor processes, DOC’s silicon actuators deliver precise repeatability, negligible hysteresis, and millions of cycles of longevity, ensuring high quality image and video capture for the life of a product. Combined with DOC’s optics design and flip chip packaging, the camera module z-height is just 5.1mm.

DigitalOptics is initially targeting smartphone OEMs in China for its mems|cam modules. "Smartphone OEMs in China are driving innovative new form factors, features, and camera functionality," said Jim Chapman, SVP sales and marketing at DigitalOptics Corporation. "These OEMs recognize the speed, power, and precision advantages of mems|cam relative to existing VCM camera modules."

"We have a strategic relationship with DigitalOptics for mems|cam modules, having recognized the potential advantages of implementing a mems|cam module into our handsets," said Zeng Yuan Qing, vice general manager of Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd, a Chinese smartphone OEM.

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