Thursday, February 07, 2013

Grass Valley Shows its 5T GS Pixel

Grass Valley's white paper shows how the global shutter works in its new Xensium-FT imager:


  1. I think 5T global shutter structure has 2 concern.
    One is reset noise because CDS operation is not available at 5T structure.
    The other is dark current. Floating diffusion is leaky, so it is not suitable for storage node.

    1. One can use digital CDS, similar to what Viimagic is doing:

      I'd guess Viimagic designed these sensors for Grass Valley. Their noise is 6e-, not bad for 5um pixels.

  2. what about shutter efficiency??

  3. What is new in this pixel? It looks very classic, is there any patent issue with other companies? I thinn that sCMOS uses the same pixel structure.

    1. There is nothing new in terms of pixel design. However, in case you wondered how Grass Valley's global shutter works, now you have the answer.

    2. Vladimir, it sounds very low end marketing language in this PR.

  4. Hi guys!
    Vladimir is right - it seems to be an viimagic Design. This was told an collegue of mine at IBC2012 direct by Dr. Schweer. Process in switzerland. But the folks of GV denied this issue, they say the sensor is an complete own design and cmos-processed in Singapore.

    Image quality of the LDX Camera is good to excellent, much higher resolution and fine sharpness compared to its predecessor LDK8000elite and former LDK6000. Both have triple CCD-imagers.

    But Camrea comes with an undesired image Problem. Not solved yet by GV.
    Capturing at normal settings with an incandescent bulb on ceiling at medium distances (5...15 metres)in picture, an huge blue halo appears at the lower lines to tis bulb. Internal Detail-corrector adds a very hard Edge.
    Here is an example:
    (excuse the poor quality - picture is taken from Screen with a phone)

    My question: ist this caused by the imager? And what is the reason for that?

    This was not only found on one single Camera - a second shows the same an a third model adds an clear visible horizontal straking over a couple of Lines.

  5. Nice reset of Cfd ;)


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