Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chipworks Publishes Sony Stacked Sensor Reverse Engineering Report

Chipworks got a hold of Sony stacked sensor, the ISX014. The 8MP sensor features 1.12um pixels and integrated a high speed ISP.

Cross Section Showing the TSVs

Chipworks says: "A thin back-illuminated CIS die (top) mounted to the companion image processing engine die and vertically connected using a through silicon via (TSV) array located adjacent to the bond pads. A closer look at the TSV array in cross section shows a series of 6.0 ┬Ám pitch vias connecting the CIS die and the image processing engine."

Thanks to RF for updating me!


  1. TSVs for a face to face connection? Why???

  2. I think that this is wafer-to-wafer bonding. So it's necessary to create final bonding pads on the top of the assembly.


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