Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Adimec 12um Global Shutter Pixel has 2Me- Full Well

Adimec announces they are exploring white light interferometry applications for their extreme high full, high speed camera, such as (non-destructive) interferometric optical microscopy, defraction based contrast imaging, 2D shot noise limited bright scene imaging, and more. Adimec developed this camera for non-invasive optical imaging for cancer assessment as part of the FP7 funded CAReIOCA consortium.

The new 2MP Q-2A750-CXP camera has 1440x1440 resolution at up to 720fps speed and is based on 12um pixels. The design of the pixels in this global shutter CMOS sensor is optimized for maximum full well performance. An industry unique FWC of over 2Me- per pixel is said to be between 100 to 200 times higher compared to commonly available high speed CMOS sensor technology today (typically 10-20 kel full well). 2Me- full well results in extremely good shot noise performance of up to 63 dB SNR, making it possible to accurately detect very weak contrast variations in bright environments at high throughput.

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