Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Invisage QFAB3 Inauguration Report

Invisage posts a nice photo gallery of from QFAB3 inauguration ceremony held on June 11 in Taiwan. While most of them have been published in other sources, now we can get them in high quality and from the official source:

Drummers performance at QFAB3 entrance
Invisage CEO, Jess Lee, holds a vial containing enough quantum
dots to make 10,000 cameras
Cutting the ribbon (left to right):
James Chou (VP of Manufacturing Operations, InVisage),
C. H. Tu (Director General of SIPA),
C. C. Wei (CEO, TSMC), Jess Lee (CEO, InVisage),
Kenneth Kin (Associate Dean, National Tsing Hua University),
Robin Cheung (VP of Materials and Manufacturing, InVisage)

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