Monday, July 13, 2015

Market Shares in 2011

Statista publishes smartphone image sensor market shares in 2011, showing how dynamic the market is:


  1. It is not really dynamic. The single factor that deposed Ominivion from the crown is due to Apple. Apple switched to SONY for the iPhone camera in late 2011.

  2. I can't see what the graph claims to represent, but I suspect that it is share by sensor volume shipped. Omnivision would have been selling a huge quantity of very cheap small sensors. Even in 2011 Sony likely led share by revenue.

    1. The article said it is smartphone image sensor market share.

  3. What is this? Revisionist history of the market? What value does unspecified data from 2011 provide to those of us looking for future direction? I'm still asking the question, what happens to image sensors when smart watches start to replace smart phones with an 86% shrink in form factor? Detach-able wearable wireless modules? Button cameras? Users looking into the future are clearly expecting watches to replace the brick in our pockets by 2018-2020. Engineers in this sector clearly need to start thinking about where this industry needs to be, and how to get there and usage paradigm for capture.


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