Friday, July 31, 2015

ON Semi Announces Automotive ISPs

BusinessWire: ON Semiconductor introduces a new series of image co-processors for 1080p HDR automotive cameras. Designed to work in conjunction with the company’s 2MP and 1.2MP image sensor devices, the new AP020x series of co-processors enable a range of solutions for automotive rear view and surround view cameras. The new image co-processors all incorporate an HDR color pipeline with adaptive local tone mapping (ALTM).

  • The AP0200AT image co-processor is optimized for rear view cameras and offers Ethernet output. It also includes a spatial transform engine (STE), which enables lens distortion correction and de-warping, as well as a sophisticated overlay graphics engine.
  • The AP0201AT also has Ethernet output and is aimed at Ethernet-based surround view.
  • The AP0202AT is targeted at digital surround view and utilizes a 24-bit parallel output.
  • The AP0102AT is targeted at 1 MP/720p rear view cams, and includes the STE and overlay graphics engine

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