Saturday, July 18, 2015

Oculus VR Buys Pebbles Interfaces for $60M

WSJ: Facebook’s Oculus VR said it is buying Israel-based gesture-control company Pebbles Interfaces Ltd. WSJ says "It didn’t disclose a price tag, but one person familiar with the matter said it was around $60 million." Pebbles Interfaces has spent the past five years developing technology that uses custom optics, sensor systems and algorithms to detect and track hand movement.

Nadav Grossinger, CTO of Pebbles Interfaces, says: “At Pebbles Interfaces, we’ve been focused on pushing the limits of digital sensing technology to accelerate the future of human-computer interaction. Through micro-optics and computer vision, we hope to improve the information that can be extracted from optical sensors, which will help take virtual reality to the next level. We’ve always believed visual computing will be the next major platform in our lifetime, and we’re excited to join the Oculus team to achieve that vision for the future.

A Youtube video demos Pebbles capabilities:


  1. I see lots of artifacts in the images of the hands. Is this the current state of the art?

  2. not really impressive at all. Especially the ball demo... this shows the spatial resolution of the depth map is poor. If so at this short range, farther out it's going to be unusable.


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