Wednesday, July 15, 2015

ZTE Smartphone Features Dual 13MP + 2MP Rear Camera

The newly announced ZTE Axon smartphone features dual 13MP + 2MP rear camera, in addition to a 8MP front one. The cameras have BSI sensors. The dual camera combo is said to be able to focus in 0.15s and has after-the-fact re-focus capability:


  1. 150ms AF time is incredible. It is half of the typical phase detection AF.
    So both cameras have VCM.

  2. Any clue how they can achieve accurate focus in 150ms?
    Even with phase-shift metering and a closed loop AF VCM I would expect more than 220ms from a camera without additional external tools...

    I don't see how the 2MP companion camera could help on that, is there any known method to utilize a second sensor to speed up focusing?


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