Friday, July 03, 2015

Melexis Launches ToF Evaluation Kit

Melexis new EVK75023 evaluation kit is based on its MLX75023 QVGA ToF sensor with Softkinetic's DepthSense pixels and is co-developed with BlueTechnix.

By using Melexis’ automotive-grade ToF offering, automobile engineering teams will be able to deploy HMIs which are robust enough to deal with difficult working environments, where they are exposed to dramatic alterations in light levels, while still hitting the necessary price points to ensure economic viability,", states Kristof Lieben, Application Engineer for ToF Systems at Melexis. “The addition of this new evaluation kit, gives engineers the functionality needed to make an initial appraisal of the design set up, so that it can be optimized for the particular surroundings.

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  1. A compareable system with SOC imager was ready for mass production and had AECQ100 qualification about 6-7 years ago by IEE using CSEM/MESA-Pixels but for indoor applications.

    What are target applications for this system, ist is still rater complicated and cost intensive. I doubt the automotive market will pay this price.


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