Friday, July 03, 2015

Weekly Patent Review

Sony patent application US20150179693 "Solid-state image sensor, method of producing the same, and electronic apparatus" by Shunsuke Maruyama proposes to move PD into a top laminated layer 47, so that the pixel transistors can be located underneath it. While application talks about 6T global shutter pixel, it's not clear how the transfer gates 22 and 29 are formed in the laminated PD layer 47:

Omnivision patent application US20150179695 "Image sensor pixel for high dynamic range image sensor" by Jeong-ho Lyu and Sohei Manabe proposing the way to have two types of pixels with different light sensitivity while keeping the pixel optics more-less same:

Another Omnivision patent application US20150181187 "Color and Infrared Filter Array Patterns to Reduce Color Aliasing" by Donghui Wu and Ping-Hsu Chen proposes many different patterns, so that one can expect many continuation patents to follow. Here is just one example:

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