Wednesday, July 01, 2015

TI Publishes Softkinetic ToF Chips Datasheets

TI publishes fairly detailed datasheets of Softkinetic QVGA OPT8241 ToF sensor and OPT9221 controller chip.

Correction: I have been told that the "chips are based on Softkinetic pixel technology. The chips are made in TI and most of the tech in them belongs to TI."


  1. From all indications, these are TI chips. Calling them "Softkinetic chips" or "Softkinetic QVGA OPT8241 ToF sensor and OPT9221 controller chip" in the title and main summary is misleading. Not sure where you got the idea they are "Softkinetic chips".

  2. Yes, this is strange. Just because TI tied-up with Softkinetic to enter into 3D sensing business, you cannot assume that all these chips are Softkinetic IPs. TI engineers could have also contributed to any or all blocks of these chips. Just by looking at the internal details of these two chips, it is clear that there are a lot of TI IPs sitting in there. Please edit your title to make it more neutral unless you have a clear source saying these are all Softkinetic IPs.

    As much as I know personally, Softkinetic does not have the bandwidth and manpower to such chips.

    1. OK, I stroke through the Softkinetic name in the post.


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