Friday, February 02, 2007

Magnachip 2.2um Pixel Announced, Finally

Magnachip announced samples of 2.2um pixel sensors. Significantly lagging in pixel size race, the company tried to compensate it by packing more features onto the sensor.

2MP MC521EA sensor integrates MIPI and GPIO interface and ARM7TDMI core, while 1.3MP MC511EA offers a singe 2.8V supply. GPIO interface can be used for AF function control.
Also it includes an interesting "one time programmable, non-volatile memory enabling unique module serialization and calibration".

Jason Hartlove, Senior Vice President of?the Imaging Solutions Division said,“The EA series products feature our third generation image processing architecture, which includes positional lens vignetting correction, multi-zone evaluative automatic exposure control, noise adaptive edge enhancement and many other advanced features normally seen only in advanced digital still cameras. In addition, the low noise 12-bit analog to digital converter architecture and excellent low light sensitivity make these products ideal for video applications and those requiring high quality imaging in low ambient light levels.”

It looks like Jason is trying to replicate his previous Avago market strategy. While managing Avago imaging business he tried to compensate pixel technology deficiency by integration of advanced high-end image processing functions. This had somewhat mixed results. We will see if Jason's approach works better on Maganchip soil.

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