Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Magnachip Digital AF (DAF) Module

The auto-focus technologies parade is going on on 3GSM. Magnachip launches industry's first single-chip Digital Auto-Focus (DAF) solution.

Sys-Con Media: Magnachip announced the launch of Imaging System on a Chip (SoC) incorporating a digital auto-focus engine.

The MC531EA is a 1/3.2" optical format 3.2 mega-pixel (2048 x 1536) CMOS sensor with integrated image processing, a high speed 48-way SIMD processor which requires no external memory and can run enhanced depth of field (EDoF) and digital auto-focus (DAF) algorithms. The MC531EA makes use of MagnaChip's 2.2um pixel. The MC521EA also features an on-board ARM7TDMI core that can be programmed with different algorithms for auto-function control, such as auto white balance with color temperature detection and tonal mapping, and auto exposure with scene dependent compensation.

"The features we have incorporated into the MC531EA single chip solution are normally found in 3 chip solutions in digital still cameras," said Jason Hartlove, Senior Vice President of the Imaging Solutions Division. "While 3 mega-pixel cameras are leading edge for handset implementations, designs today require expensive multi-chip solutions with large, power hungry moving actuators which attempt to mimic the functionality of Digital Still Cameras (DSCs). MagnaChip, has gone beyond the DSC capabilities by integrating support for new technologies such as digital auto-focus, all within a single chip solution that does not require any external components. This eliminates the need for an actuator, making it easier for manufacturers to create small form factor, mechanically robust solutions with a lower total system cost."

Samples of the MC531EA will be available in February. No production timing is announced.

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