Thursday, September 13, 2007

NoblePeak Announces CMOS SWIR Sensor

Yahoo: NoblePeak Vision announced that it has successfully developed a single chip SWIR (short wave infrared) image sensor technology, TriWave, utilizing a standard wafer foundry CMOS process. TriWave is the first commercially viable technology that provides high resolution, zero blooming and high sensitivity over the visible to SWIR bands of the electromagnetic spectrum (450nm to 1650nm).

Users will now be able to capture the atmospheric "Night glow" to provide visual images in zero light at an affordable price. TriWave uses two basic components readily supplied by Mother Nature: the atmospheric "Night Glow" and Germanium.

The atmospheric "Night Glow" coming from bands of radiation 90km high in the earth's atmosphere which light up the earth at night and Germanium, a semiconductor element that is able to sense this short wave infrared (SWIR) night glow light source. TriWave is the world's first germanium enhanced CMOS image sensor that "sees" visible, near infrared and short wave infrared light to deliver the day/night camera solution.

NoblePeak says the sensor has 720x576 array of 10µm X 10µm pixels and claimed to be scalable to higher resolutions.

NoblePeak has been added to the image sensor companies list.

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