Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hynix Partners with SETI?

Digitimes writes that Hynix intends to partner with SETI on image sensor deployment. If not a typo, this is quite unexpected move to me. SETI was born as image sensor arm of Dongbu and it heavily relies on Dongbu in its everyday activity. Hynix cooperation might mean some sort of alliance and technology transfer from Dongbu to Hynix. I can understand why Hynix needs this, but I do not see Dongbu's benefits from such alliance.

In the meantime SETI cut its ASP for VGA sensors to below US$1 (US$0.7-0.8), posing a threat to Omnivision, according to Digitimes sources.

The sources indicated that SETI has been aggressive in its deployment in the China handset market, cutting its VGA sensor ASPs sharply. With customer feedback being good, leading players such as Omnivision have been affected, as most VGA sensors are still quoted above US$1, at US$1.3-1.4.

Dongbu formally launched an aggressive program to serve Chinese mobile handset OEMs last July when it established a Shenzhen sales subsidiary and simultaneously entered into a strategic partnership with China based HNT, a camera module manufacturer. The solid ties between SETI and Dongbu is a major reason to support such a price reduction, the sources said.


  1. Based on my understanding and the confirmation from my source, this news should be a rumor.

    Digitimes always spreads lots of funny stories. Hynix holds 30% shareholds of SiliconFire. You can treat SiliconFire as a subsidary of Hynix. It is impossible to align with SETi.

    The reporter, Mr. Wu of Digitimes, may recieve wrong infromation from the country director of the "leading CMOS sensor" company.

  2. Yes, to me this sounds like a pure rumor too. I believe that Hynix needs to make more dramatic moves to quickly acquire sensor process knowledge. So I was kind of ready to surprises from Hynix side.


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