Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Caeleste and BrainVision Cooperate on ToF Technology

Brainvision Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) and Caeleste (Antwerp, Belgium) have materialized their licence agreement on the design of ToF image sensors based on Caeleste’s patent US7564022. The design collaboration started in December 2010. An image from the first VGA resolution sensor now succesfully demonstrated:

The key advantage of Caeleste patented technology is said to reside in the strict usage of standard, mainstream CMOS technology, leading to lowest possible manufacturing cost. Brainvision and Stanley Electric (Tokyo, Japan) aim to serve the high volume applications such as automotive market and machine vision with Caeleste technology.

Caeleste patent relies on depletion field modulation to implement a fast change of the pixel sensitivity:


  1. Where is the difference to the PMD principle?

  2. this structure has been proposed so many years ago in order to make a shutter function in back-thinned CCD sensor. The only patentable is to change CCD substrat to CMOS substrat. Fundamental is the main cost in this kind of systems is not the mask set but in the illumination sub-system.

  3. Exactly. Please look at US5,270,558

  4. Can't we all use some pretty looking people to demo our products? It looks freaky.

  5. It's the image of the product too! It would be a pity to use a beautiful girl for this demo, haha...

  6. Well, if Anonymous user has a question, he can always contact us:



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