Thursday, March 06, 2014

Microsoft Hosts ToF Imaging Workshop

The International Time-of-Flight Workshop will be held on March 9-12, 2014 in Ein-Gedi, Israel. The invitation-only event was initiated and is hosted by Dr. Giora Yahav from Microsoft Israel R&D center. The organizing committee includes:

Erhardt Barth (University of Lübeck / Gestigon, DE)
Shahram Izadi (Microsoft Research, UK)
Nobukazu Teranishi (University of Hyogo / Shizuoka University, JP)
Christian Theobalt (MPI für Informatik – Saarbrücken, DE)
Giora Yahav (Chairman, Microsoft R&D, IL)
Erez Tadmor (Organizer, Microsoft R&D, IL)

The workshop agenda:
  • Edoardo Charbon, University of Delft
    “Time-of-Flight Approaches to SPAD and SiPM Imaging”
  • Christoph Garbe, University of Heidelberg,
    “Algorithmic Enhancement and Validation for Time-of-Flight Imaging”
  • Christian Theobalt, MPI Informatik
    “Sensor Fusion in Time-of-Flight Imaging and Depth-Based Performance Capture”
  • Zeev Zalevsky, Bar-Ilan University
    “Novel Concepts for Photonic Ranging”
  • Johannes Steurer, ARRI
    “Exploring New Avenues in Motion Picture Production: A Groundbreaking RGB+Z Camera Demands Cutting-Edge Time-of-Flight Technology”
  • Nobukazu Teranishi, University of Hyogo / Shizuoka University
    “A Review for Global Shutter Image Sensors” - keynote
  • Erez Tadmor, Microsoft
    “Time-of-Flight Image Sensor Characterization”
  • Tohru Yamada, AIS Panasonic
    “Pixel Design and Technologies for Time-of-Flight Sensor”
  • Reinhard Koch, University of Kiel,
    “Model-based Analysis of Dynamic Scenes from Range-Color Video”
  • Amos Feningstein, TowerJazz
    “IR SPAD Development in TowerJazz”
  • Ruigang Yang, University of Kentucky
    “High-Accuracy Gait Analysis using A Single Depth Camera for Medical Applications”
  • Erhardt Barth, University of Luebeck / Gestigon
    “Gesture Interfaces with Depth Sensors” - keynote
  • Keita Yasutomi, Shizuoka University
    “High-Resolution Time-of-Flight Range Imagers with Lateral Electric Field Modulators”
  • Matthias Hullin, MPI Informatik / University of Bonn
    “Transient Imaging with Photonic Mixer Devices”
  • Daniel Freedman, Microsoft
    “Sparse Reflections Analysis: Fast Removal of General Multipath for Time-of-Flight Sensors”
  • Assaf Lahav, TowerJazz
    “Ultra High Speed Imaging - Highlights from Kirania”
  • Ayush Bhandari, MIT media lab
    “Multi-frequency Methods for Solving Inverse Problems in TOF Imaging”
  • Andreas Kolb, University of Siegen
    “Time-of-Flight Data Processing, Challenges and Solutions” - keynote
  • Daniel Van Nieuwenhove, Softkinetic
    “Time-of-Flight: How to Make Lower Power, Lower Noise and Higher Accuracy Work Together”
  • Juergen Gall, University of Bonn
    “From Pose to Affordance”
  • Shahram Izadi, Microsoft Research
    ”Designing Interactive User Experiences Using Advanced 3D Computer Vision Techniques”
  • Bernhard Buttgen, MESA Imaging
    “Power Considerations for Time-of-Flight Imaging in Mobile Devices”
  • Seiichiro Mizuno, Solid State Division - Hamamatsu Photonics
    “Industrial Time-of-Flight Sensor Development at Hamamatsu Photonics”
  • Micha Feigin-Almon, MIT media lab
    “Time Resolved Imaging and Applications”
  • Yebin Liu, Tsinghua University
    “Fourier Analysis on Transient Imaging by Time-of-Flight Camera”
  • Refael Whyte, Waikato University
    “Novel Methods for Resolving Multipath in Time-of-Flight Cameras”


  1. Very interesting agenda.

  2. Is there any other public website about this workshop? Would love to get some papers and publications next week if they do release them to the general public. Thanks!


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