Monday, October 24, 2022

Atomos announces 8K video sensor


Atomos completes development of world class 8K video sensor and is exploring commercialisation
[Oct 5, 2022]

Atomos announces that it has completed development of a world class 8K video sensor to allow video cameras to record in 8K ultra high resolution

8K Ultra HD televisions are already in the market from Samsung, Sony and LG but 8K content has been lagging 

The Company is exploring opportunities to commercialise its unique IP and is in discussion with several camera makers

Atomos Limited (‘ASX:AMS’, ‘Atomos’ or the ‘Company’) is pleased to announce that it has completed development of  a  world  class  8K  video  sensor    which  allows  cameras  to  record  in  8K  ultra  high  definition. 

Atomos acquired the intellectual property rights   and technical team from broadcast equipment firm, Grass Valley five years ago to develop a leading-edge 8K video sensor.

8K video has four times the resolution of 4K video and allows video creators much greater flexibility when  zooming in  or  cropping their  shots  during  editing,  as  the  resulting  shot  maintains  sharp resolution. 

There  are  several  8K  televisions  already  in  the  market  from  Samsung,  Sony  and  LG  and  8K  gaming  consoles are expected soon.  8K content however has  been  lagging  because,  outside  of  big  camera  makers such as Sony, owning 8K sensor technology is extremely rare.

Development of Atomos’ 8K sensor is now complete. The Company is actively exploring opportunities for commercialisation and is in discussion with several camera makers who are showing great interest.


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  2. If it's a world class imager why not give a spec sheet with the relevant numbers?

    1. I'd love to see an 8K sensor with both a global shutter and a high dynamic range (>16 stops). Sadly, that may prove an insurmountable challenge. The Panasonic 8K organic GS sensor was originally supposed to have a DR of nearly 20 stops, but after several years of devopment, the latest reports have scaled this back to about 15 stops. While nothing to sneeze at, a 15- stop DR (vs. 20) is an acknowledgment of the difficulty of simultaneously implementing a GS and optimizing for DR.

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