Tuesday, January 24, 2023

CIS market news 2022/2023

Recent Will Semi report that includes some news about Omnivision (Howell): https://tech.ifeng.com/c/8MXij5vF1lP

It is worth noting that in December 2022, Howell Group, a subsidiary of Weir, issued an internal letter announcing cost control, with the goal of reducing costs by 20% by 2023.

In an internal letter, Howell Group said, "The current market situation is very serious. We are facing great market challenges, and prices, inventory and supply chains are under great pressure. Therefore, we must carry out cost control, with the goal of reducing costs by 20% by 2023.

In order to achieve this goal, Howell Group also announced: stop all recruitments and leave without substitutes; salary cuts for senior managers; stop work during the Spring Festival in all regions of the group; quarterly bonuses and any other form of bonuses will be discontinued; expenditure strictly controlled; and some R&D projects will also reduce NRE expenditure.

Howell Group said, "These measures are temporary, and we believe that business-level improvements will occur in the second half of next year, because we have a new product layout in the consumer market, while automobiles and emerging markets are rising steadily. We will reassess the situation at the end of the first quarter of next year (2023). 

More related news from Counterpoint Research: : https://www.counterpointresearch.com/global-smartphone-cis-market-revenues-shipments-dip-2022/

Global Smartphone CIS Market Revenues, Shipments Dip in 2022

  • In 2022, global smartphone image sensor shipments were estimated to drop by mid-teens YoY.
  • Global smartphone image sensor revenues were down around 6% YoY during the year.
  • Sony was the only major vendor to achieve a YoY revenue growth, thanks to Apple’s camera upgrades.
  • Both Sony and Samsung managed to improve their product mix.

Compare Omnivision sales with its peers in this graphic:


  1. STMicroelectronics controls 100% of Apple Face ID global shutter volume. This represents around 5% of the smartphone image sensor market in $, so the statement "includes 3D sensing products" is misleading.

  2. What about ON Semi?

    1. onsemi exited the mobile market circa 2018 - its Image Sensor Group now centered on Automotive and Industrial markets


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