Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Advasense Offers Low-Noise Sensor IP

Advasense is now offering low-noise image sensor IP blocks coming from its CIS technology.

Two basic families of IP are offered:

1. FCP IP for small pixels of 1.1u and with high FWC that is said to pave the way to small pixels

2. CDS (4T) Readout and ADC with very low read noise for 4T pixel designs:

The ADVA004 CDS based Readout Pipeline is said to have the lowest temporal noise in the industry of 40uV. The design is compact and low power. The Readout (RO) Pipeline can be connected to any 4T pixel array.

ADVA004 Key Parameters:
  • Readout noise level is 40uV
  • Column level ADC- 2nd order sigma delta,
    12bit resolution (scalable via decimation filter length),
    Conversion time is less than 2us.
  • Easily connected to any 4T pixel array
  • Soft IP Block or Hard IP block
The ADC and CDS Readout are also offered as separate blocks ADVA002 and ADVA003 respectively. Advasense is already working with several companies and probably license them its IP.

Thanks to A.G. for sending me the link!


  1. Any one knows the license condition?

  2. We are quite flexible with respect to the license conditions. Few different licensing models possible. Please contact us at info@advasense.com.

    Vladimir Koifman
    CTO, Advasense

  3. By the way, from the previous message one can see who is standing behind this blog. As time passes by I see less and less sense to remain anonymous.

    Vladmir Koifman.

  4. Shocked I tell you, shocked.

    Just kidding. Glad we can finally acknowledge your good work with this blog!

  5. so what is the business of Advasense, technology development or technology intelligence?

  6. snide/snīd/Adjective
    1. Derogatory or mocking in an indirect way: "snide remarks".
    2. (of a person) Devious and underhanded

    I think I would go for definition 2 in this case.

    Advasense has been a company that has been forthright in its technology and its efforts to be successful. Vladimir has made a very positive contribution to our community independent of his job at Advasense. It is really sad to see such a snide comment made without cause.

  7. Dear Vladmir, I truly hope that you will continue the ISW blog. I do realize how much work it was/is for you to keep the blog up-to-date, but it was/is a great asset for our community. Thanks very much for having this great source of information !

  8. Vladmir, You are a very objective person and very sharp.

  9. Intelligence = collecting information, no other meaning here. Vladmir should have extraordinary energy to both lead technology development as CTO in a highly competitve field and also collect all the sensor related information for this blog.

    My comment is nothing pejorative and please don't misunderstand.

  10. Being CTO implies following what happens in the industry. In any case, I just saw this blog more like a database and a log of what happens in image sensors worldwide.

    By the way, it's not that big load like it might seem. On average it takes me about 15-20min a day to sort out my news alerts and put few of them in the blog.

  11. This blog is a fantastic source of information. Please keep it alive.


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