Thursday, November 11, 2010

2010 6Sight Conference

2010 6Sight Conference is expected to start on Nov. 15 in San Jose with Microsoft, Silicon Hive, Scalado, Invisage, Nocturnal Vision and others updating on their work. 6Sight also attached its nice CTIA 2010 presentation to the conference home page. Few slides from the presentation:

I would prefer log scale on this graph
Mobile imaging resolution forecast
Quantum Film is predicted to be the future after BSI


  1. Another iPhone marketing presentation and the devices from the largest camera manufacturer Nokia left out (intentionally). Analysts should remember that there is life outside of US also....

  2. Is the "FSI > BSI > Quantum Film" progression something on which there is a general consensus in the image sensor community?

  3. Also the slide seems to suggest 1.75um to 1.4um etc is an improvement, but if I compare the iphone 4 with a 1.75um lens to other camera phones it takes significantly better low light photos (sans flash) than other camera phones...


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