Monday, November 08, 2010

Cypress Announces 2.3MP and 5.3MP Sensors with Large Pixels

Cypress announced two new sensors in VITA family: 2.3MP/92fps VITA 2000 and the 5.3MP/75fps VITA 5000 designed for machine vision, high-end security, 2D barcode and intelligent traffic applications.

The new sensors offer pipelined and triggered global shutter modes and a conventional rolling shutter mode, 10-bit ADCs, with either parallel outputs or serialized outputs up to 620 Mbps.

The VITA 2000 can provide output in two standard formats: HD (1920 x 1080), which is typically used in the security market; and 4:3 (1600 x 1200), popular in the machine vision market. The sensor array has a standard 2/3” optical format lens. It offers four LVDS channels.

The VITA 5000 has a standard 1” optical format with monochrome or color digital output and offers eight LVDS channels.

The new devices are manufactured by TowerJazz on its 0.18-micron CIS process. Cypress currently manufactures all of its image sensors with TowerJazz.

The new VITA 2000 and VITA 5000 showcase our state of the art image sensor technology, where our process and device features such as low dark current, low noise and high dynamic range enable the high performance required by the end users of Cypress’s imaging products,” said Jonathan Gendler, director of CIS marketing at TowerJazz.


Thanks to D.S. for sending me the link!


  1. Nice colors in the array. But shouldn't the rest of the circuit be covered with optical black to avoid reflections in the lens system and ghost images?

    Also anyone know the rotational and x-y placement accuracy these days. Where do you pick on this kind of die?

    Dumb questions probably for people doing this everyday but I am just curious about the state of the art now.

  2. Yes, the rest should be covered with optical black but since these parts have appear to have no CFA, this is what you get. The metal is not acting as a light shield. Accuracy to 1 mil depending on equipment. You pick this die from a custom rubber tip that touches only on the sides.


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