Friday, November 05, 2010

Purported Insider's Opinions on Image Sensor Companies

For those who believe in anonymous sources as a right information channel there is Glassdoor project collecting former and current employee opinions on their companies, and also job interview questions, salaries and such. Out of imaging companies, there are opinions on Aptina and Omnivision. Trust them or not.


  1. In my opinion, it's a huge privilege to have access to design, fab, and testing tools and on top of that to get paid $60,000 or $70,000 a year (plus benefits) to play with them to make image sensors. How any insider doesn't wake up early every morning, thank his lucky stars, and then rush off to work with the enthusiasm of a kid watching a Thursday night blizzard is beyond me.

  2. A kid grows up and starts to want more than to just play, but rather make a difference in the world. And you won't find many (if any) coming into work for $60k/year.

  3. "And you won't find many (if any) coming into work for $60k/year. "

    -->defintely not in the Bay Area atleast


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