Monday, November 15, 2010

Image Sensors at ISSCC 2011

ISSCC 2011 advance program has been published and, as always, has a lot of interesting image sensor content:

Session 23 - Image Sensors

23.1 An 80μVrms-Temporal-Noise 82dB-Dynamic-Range CMOS Image Sensor with a 13-to-19b Variable-Resolution Column-Parallel Folding-Integration/Cyclic ADC,
Shizuoka University; Brookman Technology; Sanei Hytechs

80uV noise is an excellent number. However, 19db ADC seems to be an overkill for the stated DR of 82dB.

23.2 A Sub-Electron Readout Noise CMOS Image Sensor with Pixel-Level Open-Loop Voltage Amplification,
Heliotis; CSEM; EPFL

23.3 A 320×256 90dB SNR and 25μm-Pixel-Pitch Infrared Image Sensor,

23.4 A 16 Mfps 165kpixel Backside-Illuminated CCD,
Kinki University; DALSA PI; University of Arizona; NHK Science and Technical Laboratories

23.5 A 300mm Wafer-Size CMOS Image Sensor with In-Pixel Voltage-Gain Amplifier and Column-Level Differential Readout Circuitry,

23.6 A 128×96 Pixel Event-Driven Phase-Domain ΔΣ-Based Fully Digital 3D Camera in 0.13μm CMOS Imaging Technology,
University of Edinburgh; STMicroelectronics

23.7 An Angle-Sensitive CMOS Imager for Single-Sensor 3D Photography,
Cornell University

Seems that many groups work on single-lens 3D cameras.

23.8 A 1/13-inch 30fps VGA SoC CMOS Image Sensor with Shared Reset and Transfer-Gate Pixel Control,
Aptina Imaging

23.9 A 1/2.33-inch 14.6M 1.4μm-Pixel Backside-Illuminated CMOS Image Sensor with Floating Diffusion Boosting,
Samsung Electronics; Samsung Semiconductor

23.10 An APS-C Format 14b Digital CMOS Image Sensor with a Dynamic Response Pixel,
Aptina Imaging

23.11 A 17.7Mpixel 120fps CMOS Image Sensor with 34.8Gb/s Readout,
Sony; Sony LSI Design

- Sony steadily increases speed of its sensors. Just at this year ISSCC Sony presented 10MP/50fps sensor and now there is a new advance.

Session 6 - Sensors & Energy Harvesting

6.6 Indirect X-ray Photon-Counting Image Sensor with 27T Pixel and 15erms Accurate Threshold,
Caeleste; Vrije Universiteit Brussel

6.7 A 1.32pW/frame∙pixel 1.2V CMOS Energy-Harvesting and Imaging (EHI) APS Imager,
University of Idaho

There is also a forum on "CMOS Image Sensors for 3D Capture" and Jed Hurwitz tutorial on "Layout — The Other Half of Nanometer Analog Design".


  1. No HDR papers presented! Is the topic getting uninteresting?

  2. No submissions from OVT, the best sensor company in the world?


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