Monday, November 08, 2010

Himax Anticipates Explosive Sensor Sales Growth

Himax reported its Q3 2010 results. Jordan Wu, President and CEO of Himax, said “Revenues from CMOS image sensors and WLED drivers each experienced over 100% quarter-over-quarter growth in the third quarter. We expect both segments to carry the strong momentum into the fourth quarter and next year. Our new generation sensors, in particular, are very competitive in cost and performance and are being adopted by numerous handset, notebook and web camera customers. We anticipate an explosive growth for our sensor sales next year.


  1. How does this explain implosion of Himax Imaging US?

  2. Last time I've heard, Himax Imaging had two sensor design teams - one in Orange County and another one in Taiwan. Since most of their customers are on the Far East, it makes sense to move most of the work to there.

    Said this, I have not heard about the US team "implosion". Any details?

  3. Himax Imaging US is established in March, 2007 and the experienced leaders expected a sweeping and sudden technical/market win in early 2008 simply like 1940's German troops in Europe. From that perspective, looking back, it's not so well based on that advanced scale. But still in their press release of March 2009, it says "In less than two years since inception, possibly the shortest time in the industry, Himax
    Imaging has developed and launched CMOS image sensor products with pixel-size and
    product performance comparable to the world’s leading players".

    I heard the core team is from Biomorphic and before Himax Imaging is built, they already worked a lot. "less than two years" is doubtful.

    Check in March 2011.


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