Monday, November 22, 2010

Ambarella Introduces 3D HD Processors

EON: Ambarella announces a complete 3D camera solution that includes the new S3D, a 3D video pre-processor. When combined with Ambarella’s A7 HD camera SoC, the S3D enables development of cameras up to 1080p60 resolution, while combining it with Ambarella’s A5s HD camera SoC enables resolutions of 1080p30, 1080i60 or 720p60. Both the A7 and A5s feature dual stream H.264 encoding, image stabilization with rolling shutter correction for CMOS sensors and wireless connectivity options.

The S3D can accept input from CMOS sensors with MIPI, parallel, or SLVDS interfaces and supports runtime parallax adjustment and HDMI 1.4 3D information.

The S3D and full 3D camera reference design kit with A7 or A5s SDK are available immediately.


  1. Great to see image processors optimized for multi-sensor cameras.
    Multi-sensor imaging systems will enable step function in features and performance.

  2. please turn on firewall !!!
    .. and add transcription rule:
    if(!(ToF || depth)) 3D => stereo :)

  3. First, with your filtering rule you are leaving out TYZX with its 3D approach.

    Second, stereo photography and video is no less interesting than ToF, as potentially it can double image sensor market when adapted by mobile phones and camera makers. As far as I know, all image processor vendors are feverishly developing 3D (stereo) enhancements.

  4. Absolutely right;
    "As far as I know, all image processor vendors are feverishly developing 3D (stereo) enhancements."

    Broadcom, Qualcomm, ST and have mobile processors capable of 20mega pixel imaging, but no way to get such a camera in thin smartphone.

    Multi-sensor cameras is better way to go. The chip makers are all revving next gen mobile chips for multi-sensor imaging to achieve high resolution via image stitching plus features like 3D imaging, HDR, image stability, motion de-blurring, EDOF and programmable zoom.

  5. Re: image sensors world, Argus Microsystems

    TYZX device can provide depth, so my rule is correct. Ambarella will provide 2 video streams..

    I agree, but..
    Two sensors camera and processing of two video streams is veeery far from 3D. And "HDR, image stability, motion de-blurring, EDOF and programmable zoom" has nothing with 3D.
    And I'm pretty sure your mobile device won't have 3D (real!) imaging using passive stereo in next 3 years, maybe never.. Active or combination is another story..

  6. @zizi, my point was multi-sensor cameras can provide benefits beyond 3D.
    Is 2 passive sensors good enough for "real! 3D"?
    But my reference is the low cost "3D" coming from product announcements by Nintendo, Fujifilm, Sharp and others.

  7. I understand and it's true.

    Another question is, which term will we choose for "depth" (eg Kinect, ToF) sensing mobile device if stereo is "3D"? :)

    "3D" TV with glasses is similar example. What is view dependent multi user autostereoscopic display? Better 3D?


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