Monday, November 29, 2010

Broadcom Buys ISP Vendor SightIC

Globes: Broadcom acquired Israeli image processing company SightIC Vista. The acquisition was reportedly for $10-20 million - below the threshold requiring notification.

SightIC president and CEO Noam Sorek, VP product management Ron Fridental, and VP R&D Dr. Ilia Vitsnudel founded the company in 2001. The three specialists in video and imaging processing had worked together for a decade before co-founding the company.

SightIC products include stand-alone video ISP and ISP IP blocks for licensing. Other than generic ISP pipeline, the company developed improved digital zooming and stills and video stabilization IP. SightIC has customers from among the world's top electronics manufacturers, including Samsung and LG. Relatively little was invested in the company by private investors, with no involvement by venture capital funds.


  1. It is refreshing to see the little guy succeed every once in a while.

  2. Refreshing? Company founded in 2001. Sold 10 years later for less than the threshold requiring notification. Relatively little was invested and relatively little was returned.

  3. 3 guys get $3.3-6.6 Million each for buyout, after about 10 years of building a company. On top of that, they generated revenues thru atleast some of that time... The payout seems to be pure profit as they dont need to pay back any investors...It seems to me that CDM is correct, no?

  4. They need to payback themselves. In 10 years, they could have made $2M working for the man.

  5. Broadcom makes CPU, buys ISP, already has videocore... a new Qualcomm in the making?

  6. @ "They need to payback themselves. In 10 years, they could have made $2M working for the man."

    I believe most of the time SightIC was profitable, or, at least, break-even. No need to pay back.


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