Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Primesensor Shows Sales and Profits

Digitimes: PrimeSensor Technology, a joint venture of Pixart and UMC, has posted revenues of about $14.6M in the first three quarters of 2010. PrimeSensor also posted net profits of over $330K with a gross margin of 10-11% during the January-September period.

Its mother company Pixart saw third-quarter 2010 revenues decline 17.7% sequentially. Pixart's fourth-quarter revenues could see another 30% sequential decrease, according to company chairman Huang Sen-huang. Pixart's gross margin is expected to slide to 42-43% in the fourth quarter due to declining shipments of high-margin gaming products, and the appreciation of the NT dollar.


  1. what is the main activity of this company ?

  2. @ "what is the main activity of this company ?"

    See here:

    @ "is umc any good?"

    It has improved over the recent year or two.


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