Saturday, November 06, 2010

Kodak Announced 29MP W-RGB Interline Transfer CCD

Kodak announced KAI-29050 claimed to be the highest resolution CCD based on Interline Transfer technology. The 35mm optical format CCD is based on 5.5um pixels and features TRUESENSE W-RGB filter pattern to enhance low-light sensitivity.

This 35mm format CCD is the 7th in Kodak's family 5.5um pixel devices, a family that includes an entire set of image sensors from 1 to 29 megapixels. The KAI-29050 joins two other products - the 720p format KAI-01150 and the 1080p format KAI-02150 - as the first devices to use the KODAK TRUESENSE Color Filter Pattern. The TRUESENSE technology is claimed to provide a 2x to 4x increase in light sensitivity compared to a standard Bayer color sensor by adding panchromatic pixels to the standard RGB elements that form the image sensor array.

The KODAK KAI-29050 Image Sensor is sampling today in limited quantities, with production scheduled for mid-2011. The KODAK KAI-01050 and KAI-02050 Image Sensors are available today in PGA packages, with CLCC packages scheduled to be available Q1, 2011.

Thanks to M.D. for sending me the info!

KAI-29050 CCD

Update: The new KAI-29050 is also available in a regular Bayer and monochrome versions. Thanks to M.D. for the correction!

Update #2: Here is the color filter options table for the whole 5.5um pixel platform:

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