Friday, November 19, 2010

4MP/800fps 35mm-Format Camera Announced

Vision Research unveils Phantom v341 - a high-speed camera tailored to military, scientific, research, and range applications.

The v341 incorporates a 4MP/800fps 35mm format sensor with 3 gigapixels/second throughput. The custom-designed 2560 x 1600 pixel CMOS sensor featurs peak QE of 60%, global shutter speed down to 1us and Extreme Dynamic Range (EDR) mode with two different exposures within a single frame. Color and monochrome versions are available.


  1. They've had the V640 for some time now...

    and it also has the 4Mpix sensor with 60% QE...

    but it runs twice as fast!

    so is this a low cost version of the v640?

  2. @ "so is this a low cost version of the v640?"

    Yes, it looks so. v640 was announced a year and a half ago and seems to use the same sensor with 10um pixels:


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